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Av. Prado de los Laureles No. 325.
Col. Jardines del Sol
C.P. 45050
Zapopan Jalisco, México
Teléfonos: (52) 33 12-04-02-85
Fax: (52) 33 12-04-02-86

Uribe & Asociados

Uribe & Asociados Law Firm


There are several legal devices aiming to the protection of Industrial Property. Authorities have realized the importance of the operations made by individuals and legal entities. This stimulates enterprises to launch amendments in their production processes, image, products, services and commercialization techniques, reinforcing their competitiveness and acquiring major economical benefits. To achieve this, they should secure recognized rights, in case of being affected by the unauthorized copy or imitation of their ideas.

In URIBE & ASOCIADOS, our main goal is to provide a sterling service. We offer a direct and personalized development of each one of the issues that our attorneys manage. This way we grant our clients the ease of knowing that they are considered as priority. We offer total availableness and usage of our knowledge. We employ the most modern and efficient tools, aiming to achieve the required speed and efficiency to procure ace results.

We intent to make our clients conscious of the paramount importance of Industrial Property. This importance is cultivating day by day; consequently, to exercise their industrial property rights, these prerogatives should be recognized and protected. Only with this scheme, our clients will be able to uphold their rights before the corresponding Authority.